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Ok Folks.. bring on your best shotsOk guys, I will just have a nap in goal.. wake me when you find the puck.Hey guy, is it faster to slide on your belly? I prefer skates.Hug time, ok guys now lets kiss and make up eh?Hey guys, look closely here.. Little Caesars have cheap pizzas.. only $5Hey look we have a crowd watching us?Ok, back to work.. The Face OffAha.. I have the puck.. catch me if you canHey you guys, is the goalie under there somewhere?Aw, that hug was nice... do you think the ref is getting upset?But honest ref, he poked his tongue out at me... and now the goalie is ignoring me, so I hit him.Face off in enemy territoryWait a minute.. I lost my contacts...Bet you can't hit it between my legs.. nanana na nana!I got it, I got it in... yeehaaGet your teeth out of my ankle dammit...Note the fixated look on the goalies face, directly at the errant puck he just deflected....Which way is the puck, which way is the puck..Grab it... gotta grab it...Deflection.. whew

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