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After disembarking from the SS River Beatrice, we had a one hour bus trip to Bucharest, then a 2 hours wait until our rooms at the hotel were ready for check in. Images were mostly taken from the bus, please excuse the glare from the glass, the strange angles and questionable quality. They are what they are, what I saw, and what I was able to get from the bus on the move.
Our last evening on board the SS River Beatrice.Local Wines, wonderful.Our French Canadian friends, last evening dinner.The next morning, all bags out by 6amMy breakfast omelette chef, perfect.Last breakfast.. it will be....Eggs Benedict, perfectly cooked.Mine....After 2 weeks on the Danube, cranes were needed.Gypsy inspired apartment building.We arrive in Bucharest, 3 hrs to check in.King Carol 1, the Equestrian Stature.It is what it was, Communist Deco.Communist DecoKretzulescu ChurchPeoples Salvation Cathedral