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Last minute shoppingQuick run to Penticton on the new bridgeSurprisingly it is not really slippery.. well, not much anyway.. heeheePork Ribs.. yummo.. and I could not finish them!!Last minute grocery shopping, a supermarket with a real talented butcher.Funny, I do not connect Tacos with Snow??I guess Santa did come huh Mom?While outside, we had a little white stuff to make it look realAnd inside it was all ChristmassySo did I mention outside??The first pressie, a tub of play dough.Are these ALL for me Mom?No Ollie, see this one says Mom?Mom in her Kimono, thanks Law and KazumiThanks Auntie Marg and Uncle DuncanYes, butwhat is it??For Grandpa, made by Oliver at KindyBut what do 'I' do with these?? hmmmmmAwww... sweeetFinery from Hong Kong